The Great Smokies NC

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The Great Smoky Mountains are so named because of the pillar of vapors that rises at the peak of the mountains. The vapors when seen from afar seem like a column of smoke rising from the mountain top making it seem like the mountains are ‘smoking.’ the smoke is actually made up of volatile plant vapors that are released from the local vegetation, particularly the trees that are located in the area. The mountains comprise one of the longest chains of peaks in the US and have even become a Heritage Site because of the Appalachian structures that still exist in the area.

The area is particularly famous for the Smoky Mountains National Park which is the biggest national park in the continental United States. The park is renowned for its variety of fauna and flora which it makes it a dream destination for a nature enthusiast. The Smoky Mountain area that is located in North Carolina is host to a number of activities which cater to the huge amount of tourists that visit the place. Tourists are able to enjoy rafting and hiking in the summers and skiing in the winters on certain slopes. The area has been carefully preserved so that it retains its natural beauty and remains a tourist destination for the foreseeable years.